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Services & Pricing

Our full range of expertise and experience provide many options to our clientele so we can uncover the look you’ve been after. Focusing on form and function we achieve results that keep or clients coming back.

Form - Our styles achieve a balancing silhouette for and to your head.

Function - We build each hair style working with weight and texture to insure low maintenance and modern styling. Make an appointment!


Haircut - A shape that is customized to and for your head shape with form and function.

Shampoo, scalp massage, condition, neck/shoulder rub, brow and ear trim, hot lather neck shave, haircut and style with product, included. $36–46

Detail - A redistribution of weight and function to the form. This is for an existing client to get him through until his next haircut.

Clean up side burns, ears, and neck plus reshape with internal texturing, brow and ear trim and a style with product. $20–25

Upgrade - Scalp stimulation, hot face towel, toner, face moisturizer. $10

Clean-Up - For an existing client with no appointment necessary, just cruise in. We’ll cut around the ears, back of neck, hairline and hot lather shave, so you don’t have to do it yourself.$6


Manicure - Groom features filing, cuticle care, buff, lotion, massage, nail and finishing techniques. $15–25

Upgrade - Parafin Dip. It cures dry, itchy, cracking, and unattractive hands. $10


Shave - Featuring hot towels, prep oil with lather, straight razor and aftershave. $30

Mustache/Beard trim - Full facial hair shaping $7–15

Wax - Simple eye, ear, neck, or nose hair removal $15

Facial - Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, masque, and moisturize $30

Upgrade - Custom facial treatments use specialized products and service to attend to individual needs. Services include; exfoliating, anti-aging, desensitizing, and hydrating face. $10


Color - enhances, de-emphasizes, balances, and/or changes what is already present. Groom holds the awareness and skill that it takes to color a man’s hair. Our techniques will add dimension and movement to an existing shape to compliment it. Color is a great way of changing an appearance without having to surrender your current length or haircut.

HiLites - using different colors to add dimension, lightness and brightness to existing color.

LowLites - using darker color to add dimension, movement and depth to existing hair color.

Complete Color - One solid color from root to ends. Permanent or almost permanent.

Gray Blending - Balancing your existing color, creating darker areas and choosing the right color to ensure discretion.

Coloring Type Short Med Long
Gray Blending $30 $40 $70
HiLite Top $40 $60 $80
HiLite Hairline   $10 $15
HiLite Head $60 $80 $110
Gray Cover/Color Head $40 $60 $100
Bleach $50 $80 $120
Multiple Colors $5 $10 $20
Extra Color/Tone $5 $10 $15


Wax - Remove unwanted hair in a simple, safe process that will leave your skin looking naturally smooth. It’s the ideal choice for controlling hairy areas like the back or arms.

Shoulders $25
Back $40
Half Arm $25
Underarm $20
foot $15
Buttocks $50
Brazilian $75
Chest $40
Hand $15
Full Arm $45
Half Leg $40
Full Leg $70
Bikini $40
Bare $90

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