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Our Staff at Groom

For eleven years now, Groom for Men has been providing an essential service to men in the Milwaukee area. Our trained stylists utilize the core design principles of form and function to help you achieve and maintain a natural and distinctive look.

We have put together a talented team of artisans to work with you. All our barbettes are trained in the American Crew Menswork style of hair cutting as well as traditional shaving, waxing and manicures. Make an appointment!


Theri DeJoode: Director
Theri is the original owner of Groom for Men. She studied at Vidal Sassoon and now educates others as technical director for American Crew. Recently she has written a book to accompany many technical videos making her a celebrity in the hair industry! Theri has been voted one of the top 100 people to know in Milwaukee by and top stylist for men by Milwaukee Magazine.


Erica Grabczyk: Director
As a national/international educator for American Crew All–Star Team, Erica has been teaching her art and technique in platform demonstrations and smaller classrooms since 2002. Erica is a partner at Groom and has been with the company since the very beginning. Erica has been voted one of the top 100 people to know in Milwaukee by and top stylist for men by Milwaukee Magazine.


Crystal: Director
Crystal has truly developed a passion for men’s hair and has been a great asset to the consistency and quality at Groom. Crystal began her studies at the Aveda Institute and completed formal training here at Groom. She is the Regional Educator for American Crew.


Patti: Director
Patti likes to chase unicorns through a black medal forest of enchantment. Somewhere in there, she has become a very skilled barbette, and is a MASTER OF SHAVING. She started her career at groom in 2004 and ventured out for travel, owning her own salon, and marketing education for American Crew. We are happy to have her back.


Marlo: Master Barbette
Marlo’s personality and talent has built a clientele and is in high demand. Her early training began at the Aveda Institute and finished here at Groom for Men. Marlo’s well rounded skills are highly respected among the other barbettes. She is also the Regional Educator for American Crew.


Nikki: Master Barbette
Nikki’s no-nonsense approach will certainly take her far. She has completed the men’s training program here at Groom as well as two courses of advanced training at the American Crew academy in Colorado.


Timmeka: Senior Barbette
As our newest barbette, Timmeka has quickly blended into Groom's integrity. Look out for her skills. Her development shines through every time.


Lisa: Senior Barbette
Lisa graduated from the Aveda Institute and worked for a company that owns the largest number of salons in the world. This was a great adventure in learning client relations and time management. She came to groom to dive into education making her highly skilled at shaving, and overall grooming.


Sarah: Senior Barbette
After working in a salon that catered to men and women on the east coast for 5 years, Sarah realized her heart is in the Midwest and focusing on male specific hair design. She brought great experience with her when she started at groom. We at groom call her Sar-ha-ha because she is always laughing.


Alison: Barbette
Alison graduated from IBW after finishing her education in 2011 and came to groom for the opportunity to hang with great people and focus on male design. She is quickly becoming a master of technique and design. She is a well rounded barbette.


Breeanna: Barbette in Training
Breeanna, a recent graduate from The Aveda Institute, committed early in her training to be male specific. Her passion for cutting has led her to groom and she is a very attentive individual.


Kerri: Desk Jockey
Kerri has traded positions at groom from Desk Jockey to Assistant and back again. This has brought her to the greatest awareness of client and barbette satisfaction levels. As she studies at UWM she enjoys all the good times at groom.


Alex: Desk Jockey
Alex has brought great clarity to booking and client relations. She is a painting and drawing major with an art history minor at UWM. Her love of shape and detail attracted her to groom. She worked with us as a teenager and has returned with greater talents as an adult.

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