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About Groom

For the past eight years Groom for Men has established itself as Milwaukee’s premier male hair salon. Our new school styling and old school detailing is more than just another haircut, it’s an improvement. The essence

of groom is a high-end experience with a well trained and passionate barbette in a non-pretentious environment. Sounds good doesn’t it?

So next time you need a haircut, get Groomed! Make an appointment!

Citysearch best of 2010Awards and Media: Groom for Men regularly receives notable media attention and this year is no exception. In 2010 Groom for Men was featured in the Best of Citysearch Top 10.

Other Notables:
Esquire Magazine June 2003, featured on The Manly Page. Magazine August 2010, download a pdf here.

Our History

Groom for Men has built a relationship with American Crew based on a shared design philosophy of form and function.

Form is the haircut itself. The form must be complimentary, balancing the perfect silhouette for and to your head. The form is low maintenance and easy to style. As your hair grows the form retains its comfort and should carry its shape through to the next visit.

Function is necessary for the form to achieve its perfect silhouette. It’s the internal tweaking that gives the support, direction, and separation, within the form’s shape. It’s working with the weight and texture of your hair to insure the low maintenance and modern styling.

Form and Function are the key ingredients and present in each haircut that Groom offers. It’s what makes Groom haircuts stand out from all others and keeps clients loyal and coming back.

The barbettes of Groom are trained technicians in the merits of mens hair cutting established by this design philosophy. In addition, all Groom barbettes are skilled in hot lather, straight razor shaving, manicures, and body grooming. Staff Profiles

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